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Thanks for replying! I have reduced my water intake for 2 days now, and am surprisingly not thirsty. Even in a 45 minute circuit class at the beach yesterday in 38 deg celcius (100.4 f) I only drank one small bottle and didn’t feel thirsty afterwards. Usually in such situations I would have had twice that amount! Reading Eat for Heat now and starting to make some changes, will see how it goes. I am noervous about initial weight gain though as going on a holiday in 3 weeks which will involve lots of pool time, but I guess I’ll just have to ignore it if it happens and not let it stress me into making silly food choices again.

My biggest problem I think will be not having peanut butter, I LOVE peanut butter :( but I know I have a massive overdose of omega 6 in my body as I have high cholesterol and my inflammatory markers are always high in blood tests. I switched to coconut oil for cooking about 4 months ago, but still really like my peanuts…