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Insider Fuzzy

@elfman5150 You should subscribe to 180D newsletter if you want the latest info from him. Matt released a long two part article on PUFA little over a week ago. It was a very anti-PUFA message. “PUFA is no doubt a primary cause of the widespread slowing of the metabolic rate of modern humans.” He also mentioned PUFA in non ruminant animals (chicken, turkey, duck, eggs, pork, and farmed fish) are full of the most ominous of all forms of PUFA, a fatty acid called Arachidonic Acid (AA).

“Go ahead, type in “Arachidonic Acid” and the name of any disease or illness of your choice. You’ll unearth a big can of worms on Google with whatever you type in. While it’s another topic altogether, AA is the precursor to the formation of most of the human body’s inflammatory molecules. Inflammatory diseases are rapidly on the rise, and research keeps pointing more and more fingers at inflammation as the primary trigger of most illnesses.” This is all from the newsletter.