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Hey Leighton,

Thanks again for your reply. I meant to reply ages ago (time flies when you’re not having fun!), and can’t believe it’s already been more than 2 weeks?my apologies.

I’m not sure if I have any RBC abnormalitiesI think my medicaid doc ruled out things like pernicious anemia (at least based on their lab’s norms), but that was a few years ago, and when I looked online, I was considered anemic for a male. But it is common with ME/CFS to have low blood volume and low RBC mass:

I am eating salmon probably twice a week, and lately, sometimes I seem to tolerate a little bit of pumpkin seeds — for the parasites(?) — but like you say, we need saturated fats, and those I can’t seem to tolerate, with the exception of maybe one half-cup of LOW-fat ice cream every two weeks or so.

Thanks too for your input re a possible parasite problem. SOMETHING has to be interfering with proper digestion and/or sucking my blood dry’so I’m trying to look into it, on limited funds. Thanks Leighton!

And TrueVision — thank you as well for your input. I haven’t tried MCT oil in years?might be worth a shot?and also the Sierra Mist. I’ll have to look that up. I do worry if I have some sort of ‘syndrome-x-pre-diabetes thing’ though, as when I tried to do the full Matt protocol a year ago or so, my triglycerides shot up quite high, as did my blood pressure. So complicated isn’t it.

Also I have thought about maybe lower back issues and pelvic bones putting pressure on the legs in an odd way. Was thinking about “gentle” chiropractic stuff — if there is such a thing — to help with that. And have wondered about my mattress as well?

Anyway, I really appreciate your replies’thanks again. :)