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Nobody ever had a bit of time to answer my questions above?

Well, I have an update and mostly it’s not good news. I’ve stabilized my weight gain, I think. Up 10 lbs with a 2-3 lb per week fluctuation which seems dependent on salt intake/fluid retention. Seems I’ve developed pretty high blood pressure suddenly. It was 150/110 on the 4th during a doctor’s visit – NEVER been high before. I was shocked. It’s stayed high, although I immediately stopped taking the Claritin-D and some libido-enhancing herbal formula. I hope it normalizes again before I end up on some HBP drug :(

I had a butt load of labs done since I last posted. Turns out I’m flatlining on most of my hormones, including estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and worst of all, IMO, cortisol. I’m officially and medically adrenally-fatigued. Fortunately now I’m on some supplements and compounded bioidentical hormone replacement. Hopefully as I get these underlying things fixed, my entire system and metabolism will begin to fire on all cylinders, too!

I wanted to also add that the temporary digestive woes seem to have straightened out. When I began adding some whole grains back, and some sugar, it was wreaking havoc. But I’m ok now, except for some gas (ah, I remember the old days living on high fiber breakfast cereal and having to take Beano with it, and Gas-X later to be socially acceptable). Fun times.