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I’d take another looks at how you’re getting your calories… maybe add some ‘bulk’ items… like fiber and starchy veggies (potatoes, carrots, beets, etc.).

Make sure you’re getting enough fats, too… slather your potatoes with some yummy butter and cream, see if that helps start moving things through.

How has your temperature been since you’ve added the calories? Has it moved up?

How about your energy levels, warm hands/feet, etc? Any other symptoms?

Try not to worry about the weight… your body is still in ‘recover’ mode – so keep feeding it.

Maybe take some slow strolls around a nice park in your area… de-stress and enjoy nature (even if it’s covered in snow, that can be pretty, too). A walk in fresh air might help up the metabolism a little, too – just don’t turn it into “exercise”, keep it fun.

I don’t think I could handle doubling my weight, like Alatoras has… but a few pounds may be just what the Dr. ordered. Concentrate on how you feel, and see if that helps reduce your anxiety.