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Slept like a baby last night. 8 Solid hours. Feel good today…even went to the gym. I missed out on some rest last weekend. It catches up with me.

If I could just get all the rest I need daily, I would be some much more consistent with everything in my life. I have been battling with sleep for so long – I wake between 3-4, then can’t get back to sleep. I am in the habit of taking 1 sleep pill (the medicine that is in Tylenol pm, less the Tylenol), it does the trick and helps me stay asleep all night. I figure it is better than taking Ambien which I was in the habit of for a while (used to take .25 of pill when I would wake). I haven’t tried the salt/sugar under the tongue yet…maybe I will give it a try next week as I will be on vacation.