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The Real Amy,

Thanks for your response. Moving out didn’t definitively change anything, though I have read this can be true of mold patients since the mycotoxins are still present and recirculating. I think, at this point, diet restrictions and other things have played the bigger part, but I will be unable to fully tell for sure until this whole thing is resolved. That’s one reason I am hoping for some comments from others in similar boats, and/or I hope to help any future readers who find themselves in similar situations to where I have found myself.

For those interested in mold literature, William Rea from Dallas is considered one of the best Environmental Doctors today, and he has written some good stuff. That being said, I think one day I may need to get in contact with Rea and begin to present what I have come to believe is a more complete picture of ‘environmental illness’ based on overall metabolism and immune function/dysfunction.

For interested parties, below are a couple articles from Rea:

The second is gold, and is a summary of case studies. If you don’t have full access, the below link (for the moment anyway) offers the full paper as a pdf.

I would like to re-iterate to any future readers that I followed the ‘protocol’ of infrared sauna therapy and cholestyramine binding for many months (after I moved out of the suspected source), as per the established protocol, but I did not notice any benefit whatsoever. In the paper, supposedly all the patients recovered mostly or fully within a few months. Still my urine mycotoxins were high. Now after several months of refeeding, many of my symptoms have begun to improve. Nothing radical, but definite, objective improvement.