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the peat folks are right, and it is the framework for matt stone’s diet…. you can do rrarf diet in a peatish way….if you dig a little deeper, you will see that all the principles that matt recommends align with the peat diet….the only difference is that peat recommends a lot of liquids, matt recommends to dense foods that are low in liquids…but if you focus on the following ideas, you can rrarf and do it in a smarter way and follow a “diet” that doesn’t just have to be temporary

-avoid wheat, eat rice (make gluten free pancakes with syrup)
-avoid pufas (eat french fries fried in butter/coconut oil as opposed to vegetable oils)
-avoid non-ruminant meats (eat a grass-fed cheese burger)
-focus on dairy (make a milkshake with haagan dazs ice cream)
-eat sugar (eat gummy bears which have gelatin)
-eat fruit when thirsty
-use gatorade to keep sodium high and cells hydrated