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Insider Fuzzy

2000-3000 calories is good. I usually don’t eat 3000 cals but I usually do maintain temps in the 98’s. I really doubt the food is rotting in you’re stomach, but you could have a digestion problem. Maybe try some probiotic supplements.

It’s not really about consuming tons of calories from any foods, but getting them from warming foods that boost metabolism/temperature. Eating mashed or fried potatoes in coconut oil with salt, butter and cheese for one meal puts my temps up to 98’s for about 4 hours. Matt lists all the warming foods in “Eat for Heat” book. It’s all about eating the right foods.

If you’re thirsty you should always drink fluids. Just a reasonable amount until you raise your temps. Gatorade with a little bit of salt added or with salty food instead and whole milk are great. Matt also recommends 50% grape juice and 50% water with enough salt added to detect a mild salty background flavor. When it comes to coffee most people drink it when they’re not thirsty which could be a problem for someone with a low metabolic rate.

Sounds like you need to try something very warming for breakfast instead of oatmeal for now until your temps raise into the 98’s. For me oatmeal is too filling. You really don’t need a lot of fat. Also try reducing the PUFA because it lowers body temperature. For me it causes brain fog.

In Matts EFH book he recommends for someone whose cold in the morning eat this for breakfast:

– 2 buckwheat pancakes with bananas, syrup and whipped cream
– 2 eggs scrambled with lots of salted cheese
– small juice