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I’m not sure about the indoor temp question. If the colder temp is feeling stressful on your body, keep the inside temp up for now. Eventually you might be able to tolerate upper 60s without feeling cold. I know people on thyroid meds often have to increase their med dose in the winter– colder temps and less sun.

I have the same issues with corn chips– they’re easy and tasty. At one point in time I was more extreme with all my food rules and I would have said you should keep them out. But if they make your life easier and you generally use coconut oil or butter, it’s probably fine in moderation. If it is stressful to you to have to cut them out (because you miss them or because they make finding a food source easier), then the stress might be worse for your body than the PUFA in the chips. Of course, if you can find some substitutes so you’re not eating tons of the corn chips every day, that could be a decent move.