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Thanks for your replies!

I’m not really sure if I’m still gaining weight. I haven’t weighed myself in a long time. Pants that I got 3 months ago still fit, although are much tighter. Seems like I think I stabilize, then there’s another jump in weight, then stabilize, etc.

It is likely that my body did feel starved from the restrictive diet. Even though 1800-2200 calories may not seem that low to the average person, I was coming from a place where I had a large appetite and a fast metabolism and ate tons just to maintain my slim build. 1800-2200 would’ve certainly been less than I was eating previously. And the fact that I lost my period, had hair falling out, etc. on that amount suggests it was not the right amount for me.

Also, there were definitely times when I was hungry but wouldn’t eat because not enough time had passed since my last meal, or because I was at a friend’s house and the food contained sugar or gluten or some other thing I was avoiding (whereas previously I would’ve chowed down on candy, chips, ice cream and whatever else was available). So I was definitely restrictive and did some things that probably messed up my hunger cues…

I hope this will stabilize as I continue to try to eat to hunger cues…

I’ll also take a look at my diet to see if I’m getting enough protein. I do feel that I have a fair amount though, I always have some kind of animal protein at lunch and dinner, I have lots of dairy in the form of ice cream and cheese, I have lots of almond butter, etc.