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The Real Amy

That was a pretty rude reply, Tucker. Tianeptine isn’t approved in the US so is not readily available to most on this site. SSRIs and trycyclics are mostly what doctors prescribe, and that is what I was referring to. No, I don’t know a lot about Tianeptine, but I highly doubt it is without side effects. Nor is it fixing the root cause of depression or anxiety, it’s addressing the immediate symptoms. That’s great you feel like a “new person” but before you become the drug’s spokesperson, how do you know what will happen decades down the line? Do you plan to be on it for life? What effect will it have on your brain longterm? What happens if you try to go off it? I think caution is always a good thing when it comes to medications. There are always longterm effects to deal with.

I’ll go back to my bubble now…