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I’d like to know where Chiefrok is. His blog doesn’t seem to be working right now. I use to have his blog on RSS but after a browser reinstall I didn’t follow it for a couple months.

I have tried to incorporate a lot of Chief’s teachings into my life style. I still have a lot of learning to do, but I’d say mixing Matt’s and his teachings together can’t be bad. It’s basically learn how to relax, make sure you’re actually eating what your body desires, have a routine (homeostasis) and stuff like that.

Actually trying to eat one large meal a day failed for me and I don’t think most people should try it. If you eat as much as you want and follow Matts fluid advice, we shouldn’t really be eating that many meals anyway though but I guess it’s different for some people. Obviously occupation and general activity levels can make all of the difference too.

Let’s all just use common sense and take all of the bad ass advice and chuck out what doesn’t work for us and it should get us somewhere.