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I’m definitely NOT skinny!
But, no shame about eating here, anyway. I’ve always LOVED good food.

I’ve also always been good at storing food… I was called ‘fatty’ in 7th grade, and decided to give up my afternoon bag of potato chips. Lost a bunch just doing that and felt pretty good for at least a decade.

After getting married and starting a job with a lot of travel, I just slooowly packed on ~5lb/year. Then started the yo-yo dieting stuff a few years ago.

Worst diet was last year – I tried the intermittent fasting. I gained weight on that plan – mainly just skipping breakfast. I did shift something, as I no longer get faint with hunger, or hunger headaches… but I got really depressed and was always cold.

Since starting ‘refeeding’ a few weeks ago – but not gorging – my temps are up, my energy is up, and I’m feeling really good! But, not gaining and not losing… can’t really afford to gain any, or I’ll need to buy a new wardrobe.