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After all I’ve read in the last 20 years, I really see no value to a low-fat diet, and in fact could easily be harmful. Although literal Paleo eating isn’t a good idea, the fact that humans and animals both have evolved eating fat as an essential part of the diet, I say absolutely eat it, but make sure it’s not vegetable oils and more coconut (oil), butter, olive oil, etc.
Our bodies need fat and cholesterol for soooo many things, it just doesn’t make sense to limit that. In one book I read, they said the body will produce about 4 times the amount of cholesterol most people would get in the “typical” diet, so trying to decrease ingested cholesterol would make an insignificant difference. Also more and more evidence that high cholesterol is directly related to hypothyroidism; so much so, in fact, that some doctors now say it is a hallmark of hypothyroidism.
Well, not sure you wanted to hear all that, but there you go =P