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Yah I agree with some of the posters that I took it to mean in the short-term eating PUFA’s is acceptable, but long-term maybe create your own “junk” food and make it with coconut oil or something. That’s what I do. I make cookies or muffins but instead of using margarine, Smart Balance, etc. I use coconut oil (since I have a dairy intolerance and can’t use much butter). And I use honey or whole, organic sugar so at least it has some nutrient value to it.

The only caution I would interject to TinaT’s comment about eating whatever your body is craving is that sugar is terribly addictive, so people who eat it regularly are always going to crave it, and that’s probably not a good thing. Matt seems to feel that sugar is great and has no downside, but I’m not really on-board with that yet. I think if something can be THAT addictive, it’s a huge warning sigh that it’s probably not something to be eating regularly.