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Matt said that Honey bbs family probably eats loads of PUFAs. Makes sense. I should have thought of that myself. I mean they eat all these packaged foods like chips and greasy treats that are full of canola oil etc.. It’s easy to throw eat for heat into one basket with a junk food diet. After all Matt recommends junk foods to a certain extend. But when you look at the details, you cannot go to the store and just buy any packaged item. The only thing I was buying that had sunflower oil was tortilla chips and he even said it would be great if I would make them myself with coconut oil, esp. if I eat them a lot. He also stresses not to become obsessed and to go out and eat whatever you like. But I must say, if Pufas have such bad effects, I will find the items on the menu with the lowest levels. But if i only eat out infrequently, I guess, it’s of no importance.

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