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The Real Amy

Jeff, I’ve been around these forums for a bit, so I think I can offer some insight into what Matt would say, and I think he’s probably right. Apparently, when you begin restricting (in any way) health markers generally improve. This can be on low-fat, vegan, low-carb, or just plain old starvation from a famine. Blood pressure drops, blood sugar drops, etc. But, longterm things are less rosy. After a famine ends, blood pressure across the population skyrockets, for example. After you’ve been on low-carb for awhile, insulin sensitivity is increased and fasting blood sugar actually rises. So, yes, labs can be helpful, but you have to consider longterm, not just short-term. Short-term, PUFAs are excellent for lowering cholesterol. But in the longrun, they are not increasing health.

You’re not kidding when you say you do things all the way! It sounds to me like you abused your body with low carb and too much exercise, got adrenal fatigue and the prevented your body by really healing by going to another deprivation type of diet. If I may recommend anything, it would be to practice moderation for awhile (balanced diet, 3 meals a day; sleep 8-9 hours/night on a regular schedule; don’t do things that will exhaust you, listen to your body), and then have labs in 6 months to see what’s what (Unless your doctors think you have some immediate health threat that needs to be monitored by lab tests).

People have been eating carbs for millions of years, and unless your ancestors were eskimos or something, you’ll probably be fine with them. Most of us are. Give yourself some time to heal.