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First of all, there is nothing illegal about Tianeptine. Do your research Amy. It is treated just as any other supplement in the eyes of the FDA. Secondly, the FDA profits off of your suffering, so who in their right mind has faith in what they determine to to be safe. If anything, it is in their best interest for you to be well enough that you are not dead, but sick enough so that you need to take their drugs. For example, if someone “needs” to take a cholesterol lowering medication, first of all, we would have to be in agreement that high cholesterol is a bad thing. And whatever the case may be, the FDA is the ones who set the paramaters to determine whether or not you “need” to take the drug. This idea needs to be considered when any so-called doctor is recommending we take a drug. There is a lot of money at play here so the FDA is just as shady as any “random website” when we dig a little deeper. And by the way, the random website is eBay which is highly regulated and consumers to openly review products they purchase. I made it clear that I recommend someone make sure to buy Tianeptine only from a highly regarded seller. Do a simple google search and you will find that Tianeptine is thoroughly researched and studied:

Just because the FDA does not approve the medication for use in the United States, does not discredit its efficacy in Europe and Asia.

On top of this all, most people end up finding a forum like 180 Degree Health because the doctors are of no help to them. Why? Because U.S. health is a business and there’s no money for them in people getting healthy from eating a truly proper diet. That is why Dr. Oz is paid big money to promote a diet that completely contradicts what 180 Degree Health suggests is truly healthy. It’s a pretty simple equation, when the FDA gets the U.S. citizens to believe that the principles below make up a proper diet, they make money when people get sick!

-low carbohydrates
-8 glasses of water a day
-high PUFA meats like chicken, turkey, fish, etc.
-above-ground vegetables like salad, for example
-nuts like almonds or walnuts

What credibility do these doctors really have? The internet health community is EXPLODING because doctors are not helping anyone out. It baffles me that anyone really has faith in their doctor these days. And I’m not suggesting some sort of conspiracy here, I’m just saying that the practices taught to doctors are not ones that are proving to heal people. Hence why I had to start a thread called “How I got my health back” (because the 10+ “doctors” I saw couldn’t do a damn thing for me and told me I was a very healthy guy despite the fact that I felt awful 24/7).

You don’t have to take Tianeptine. It helped me, I was just trying to help point people in the right direction. But don’t start make posts suggesting that we should trust doctors and the FDA on a forum that was founded on health principles that contradict doctors and the FDA!

I’m a doctor! You’re a doctor! We’re all doctors! Being a doctor in 2014 is almost meaningless! Get real Amy.