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Hello again,

I’m in complete agreement w/you re doctors, especially allopathic, but also some naturopaths as well. At least the latter in general are trying to address the cause(s) of conditions, but many of them can get locked into certain dogma or protocols, so one needs to (unfortunately) do a lot of research, get second opinions, etc., which is hard when one is destitute (i.e., on medicaid).

Interesting thoughts about the zinc tally test. I’m not sure if you meant you tested high when you did the zinc tally (instead of low), but again, a good example of needing to have more testing to really get answers?and even then, who knows?

I had the Spectracell test done about 2 years ago (already), and was kind of disappointed/puzzled. Even though I hadn’t taken any vitamin C in years (I thought it was giving me tingling and numbness in my toes, but was probably something that would’ve helped that), the Spectracell test showed my “C” levels were perfectly normal, and my glutathione was high (I suspect it was oxidized glutathione?) and so my “Immunidex” index was at 90 — which they said suggested strong cell-mediated immune function, even though my condition/symptoms suggest the exact opposite. !!!??

Most of the “Bs” were borderline or just above, except for b12 which was high, so at least that seemed to reflect intake.

Interestingly, I just noticed my ‘choline’ came back almost ‘high’, which is also interesting, considering I haven’t been able to tolerate eggs for years?but it might also explain why choline supps make me more anxious, tense.

Anyway, on that test, my zinc was indeed officially low, and copper was high. ???

Re the betaine HCL: When it was first prescribed years ago, I was told to start with 1-2 caps, and then increase by one cap until I felt a warmth in my stomach, and then back off by one cap. At one point years ago, it took NINE caps to feel any warmth. I’ve been varying it from 6-8 caps, depending on the meal size, and also if I’m taking cal/mag or not. I get what you’re saying, but it’s my understanding that the bicarbonate won’t be released unless the stomach acid levels are high?but maybe I’ve misread that. I have found that taking some sodium bicarb a couple hours after a meal will sometimes help move things along. Maybe that’s because it helps with bile release as well? I don’t know. :)

Re methylation and folic acid — again interesting comments! I did have the methylation panel done about four years ago that showed I was not converting folic acid into the active metabolites well at all, but now in hindsight, I wonder if this is happening — the methylation ‘block’ — for a reason? Maybe the need was for more niacin, etc., — for more krebs cycle stuff? Again, not sure. I did see a quote from Paul Cheney where he basically said the same thing. In the past I haven’t thought too highly of him, as it seems like he needs to be ‘the one with the answers’, not to mention his astronomic fees and low ‘success’ rate, but (gulp!), perhaps he’s correct?

Calories? Because of this fat “intolerance”, and poor digestion/motility/lack of appetite, I’m guessing I probably get about 1600-1800 calories a day, if that. I’m TRYING to increase that, as I know you’re right — I should be getting at least 2500 calories, but it’s so hard. I did gain about 20 lbs a year or so ago as mentioned above, by eating foods with more (whole) sugar — got up to 182lbs (for 6’2″) in six months or so — was totally shocked — but it ended up just around my middle, all fat, and my blood pressure and triglycerides went up way too high. Triglyceride level was 275, after being normal for years?good cholesterol was low.

And just last Thursday, had my appt with the medicaid doc’s RN, and my BP (which had gone down with fish oil, vitamin E, and magnesium) is back up again. Sigh??. :)

So?again, wondering if this all comes back to a long standing niacin deficiency, and also a vitamin C deficiency. I have the scurvy-ish corkscrew hairs on parts of my legs, and the many symptoms of B3 deficiency that Hoffer describes.

Plus?just read last night that one of the causes of achlorhydria can be due to pellegra.


Thanks again so much for your thoughtful replies. :)


p.s. Maybe I should start a new thread on triglycerides…