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I think Matt recently said in an email he already met his health goals. I don’t think he cares anymore about weight or fat which is why he may be normal/fat depending on who you ask.

I was planning on writing up a long detailed post once I reach my own health goals so I will keep it short here. I have been eating for heat for a couple months now and health is definitely better. I am also fat now but if I could go back in time and do it again with everything I have learned I am fairly confident I could do it with a lot less weight gain if any. I have a fairly simple diet now that I have adjusted along the way after reading Danny Roddy and Andrew Kim’s blogs.

Sorry I don’t have any proof or pictures. I was skeptical initially also but the only way I was going to learn what worked for me was doing it and that stands for pretty much anything you read that is health related no matter how much research is behind it.