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TinaT: rinse just means to completely exploit your source, as if you needed to rinse the container to get the last bit out.

In UK we also use it to talk about good music, like rinsing tunes, or rinsing out your bass bins, I suppose it just means that something is excessive.

But back to the EFH stuff, I have read peoples’ views (on this forum but can’t recall where) that once you start eating properly, if you have been restrictive, you basically go through a period of weight gain no matter what you do, and the “to excess” mentality just speeds up that process. One post said they were adding loads of sugar to some sort of gelatine drink to take in calories. To me this sounds crazy, but the idea here is to reach this maximum weight as quick as possible before you come down. My approach is just to go with appetite and body cues, ie. if something makes me feel sick, I don’t eat it.

What I have personally found is that overcoming cravings for problem foods has been easy because I know there are so many rich, tempting and calorific foods which don’t cause digestive problems and that I am free to eat. Funnily enough these safe foods don’t seem to cause me the sort of cravings I used to experience so overall, and without any restriction, I consume less, and fully enjoy what I do consume.

It sounds like Dove has a similar experience and I’m sure there are others. I do think that the PUFA element is the single most important element of EFH to get right for you. What I am looking in to next is the seasonal variation in fat availability and quality and how this effects people, I think Matt has posted on this somewhere (though the site has changed a lot recently), but essentially, the availability of foods is seasonal and linked to location, and perhaps optimal food choices would reflect this.