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I would like to add that I have had results eating this way like getting rid of candida in my digestives system, a more regular menstrual cycle, better mood, less cravings, no premenstrual binge, warmer. All this speaks in favor of Matt’s theories. But I also went from a waist size 29 to 32″. I still look fine since I’m tall but I’m pushing it. And I don’t want to enter the overweight level.And I already feel a bit insecure and had to stop wearing super tight clothes. I just think that my confidence would take a beating and I’d want to make darn sure that the weight comes off at the end of the year if I go there. Without proof of that, I don’t take the risk. I think that I can get ok results without pushing the weight up. But if I saw definite proof that 9 out of 10 lose the weight, I would 100% go for it.