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Amy, you are probably right /: I’m not feeling super sure on what I’m doing right now. Eating more sugar and so on has given me results despite my common sense screaming no. I’m trying to see what has worked for others so I can maybe skip some testing of wrong combinations and avoid unnecessary weight gain which has been mentioned on this forum. Why shouldn’t the ones before us help avoid mistakes. We aren’t that different as humans. But overall I do believe in listening to my own body. But if I was, I would probably have eaten 5 oranges for lunchI mean why would we need Matt or anyone as a guide for what to eat for that matter. Because we are still searching for what works. I agree that this is a long term process. But I am forever hopeful that suffering is unnecessary(;
I think this forum is here to exchange what has and hasn’t worked. I will continue to find those that have succeeded and listen to what they did. That’s common sense to me. In combination with my own instinct I might get where I want to go.I have faired well with this attitude and will continue to do so.

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