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Insider Fuzzy

Christinam, Americans do eat Oreos but they over do it. Oreos are good because they’re low PUFA but should be taken in small amounts when the temps are low. But they consume mostly anti-metabolic foods like chicken, salmon and fry everything in vegetable oil which pretty much in all foods nowadays. Not to mention all the excess water and beer the average American drinks.

I did eat “junk food” when my temps were low. Now I’m stable at 98.6. That took little over a week. Now that my temps are higher I don’t really eat a lot of processed junk food anymore. It’s now maintaing the temps. I eat more so called “healthy food” now like fruits and veggies. Still eat some ice cream, pizza, soda and bugles few times a week. I had a little weight gain in the beginning but I lost most of it.