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I was really surprised how fast my temps came up, too, actually… all I had to do was stop forcing myself to drink water all day long. I’m not sure where my temps started, though… but I do know I no longer suffer from cold hands and feet like I used to.

I do have to watch for the opposite, though. I have a hiatal hernia that acts up if I get even a little dehydrated.

I also indulge my love of cheese and salt now. :)

I’ve been holding my weight steady… even on days when I go over 2600 calories (often, the morning after a high calorie day is when the scale drops), but I haven’t ever forced myself to eat more than I want, either.

We eat pretty much all home made food, no fast food (unless you count Pho?) and I’ve switched to using coconut oil, butter, olive oil and lard (in that order) for all cooking.

From the things I’ve been reading – the obesity epidemic is more about a diet that avoids eating real fat (i.e. saturated animal fats), and then eats bad fats (high PUFA veggie oils) when you do eat fat…

I’m not Matt – but for me, it’s not about how much I eat (although that is a factor) – it’s about what I eat and how I balance it with what I drink. So far, I’m enjoying the results.