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Heather L

I am 40 years-old. My temps are still around 97.7 (pre-ovulation, if I still do that). My hands and feet are either cold or hot (no just normal). I am coming off of GAPS to heal up leaky-gut (which I believe is now healed). I have had low temps and blood pressure as long as I can remember. Our family eats according to WAPF principles and never eats out. The REAL problems began in 2011 (when I did the homeopathic HCG diet to a tee). After that my weight kept creeping up, and I put on cellulite where I never had it before. It just keeps coming even though we eat real food (and plenty of cheese, coconut oil, raw milk– and no grains for the past 4 months). Since I’m already eating “right”, and still gaining, is there any hope for me???