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No harm done. I’ve spent a lot of time experimenting with diet and looking for answers for my health problems, just like others here at 180 (no doubt including yourself). I think we all basically have the same goals–to look good and feel good.

I got a kick out of your last sentence, because naturally I would choose to be both chill about food and hot for the ladies. It seems to me there are more options than the two choices you presented. Just this Wednesday, I taught my freshman composition class the fallacy called “false dichotomy” or “false alternative,” and I think my students could now recognize that your question is guilty of it! ;)

I’m chiller about food than I have been in years, and I’m getting more attractive too. My wife is pretty honest about when I look good and when I don’t. She flat out told me she wasn’t attracted to me when I got fat, and now that I’m getting fit and muscular, I can tell she’s changed her mind, not only because she tells me so, but because of the response I get in the bedroom (sorry if TMI). I’m also glad she’s honest, because she was right and I needed motivation, and now I know her compliments are sincere.

I may be chill about food, but I’m not chill about exercise. I work out hard every day: 90 minutes in the gym before work, and then usually a casual 45-minute walk home. But there are obvious, measurable benefits after working out, so it’s worth the obsession. I never got anything out of my obsessions with food, except maybe some worthless factoids to pass around at parties.