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Hello again,

For some odd reason, notification of your last 2 posts went to my spam folder, so apologies for the late reply.

But thanks again for them — I agree w/and appreciate your points. So many possibilities, so many options, NOT ENOUGH knowledgeable docs/naturopaths/etc. :)

I was prescribed Nathryoid (similar to amour I believe) last summer, but have been bad about taking it. I’m going to make an effort to doing so on a regular basis, as you’re correct, that could be playing a big part. I definitely do have low body temps — have had them for years, well, ever since I got ME/CFS, but have always wanted to get to the cause of my hypothyroid-ish issues, instead of taking something for it. But?here I am taking ox bile, and adrenal extract, so why not thyroid? :) Anyway, I started with one tiny pill, and was up to two’then they sort of got lost in the shuffle. I didn’t notice any difference, but no doubt I wasn’t up to the proper dose yet.

You said:

“One thing I ran into a while back, and can’t locate off the wing right now, is a study showing that the retention of vitamins and minerals during prolonged under eating is poor, and that under eating can cause many micronutrient deficiencies. MANY of these deficiencies were reversed by adding calorie sources with ZERO additional vitamins (such as corn starch and/or cane sugar).”

I’d be really curious to see the study/research link to this if you can find it, but please, no huge hurry, and if you can’t find it, I’ll totally understand.

I did find an interesting study quite awhile back that I just realized the other day backs up what Matt has been saying:

“With progressive weight loss, hypothermia recurred and was unresponsive to thiamine therapy. Fortuitously, the patient’s intake of sucrose was abruptly increased, and her body temperature normalized within seven days.”

Interesting?perhaps it fits with what you said as well.

And yes, I’ve been taking thiamine for quite awhile, which has no doubt helped with some aspects of neuropathy, etc., but just like with niacin, it obviously isn’t and can’t be the entire answer.

Thanks again. :)

Hope YOU’RE doing okay?