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hi david and tina, and yes, that’s exactly it, and why i joined here — a recognition that one size does not fit all, and that if guru X’s prescriptions don’t work for us, guru X isn’t necessarily wrong, but we’re also not automatically to blame.

while it is smart to learn from other people’s experience, it is no shortcut when we’re talking about complex systems like metabolism. i just read matt’s latest newsletter, and i guess that answers your original question, christinam — no, EFH hasn’t worked for him in regards to weight loss (yet). he included testimonials from other people for whom it has worked. for some it happens soon, for others it takes years. it must suck to have come upon information one thinks is vital, and then find it doesn’t seem to work for oneself; how long should one carry on? there’s got to be something else in it that matters. my own decision was to make weight loss irrelevant and eat what i enjoy and consider nutritious, without fretting over every detail, because that makes me feel overall healthier and more positive about life. david’s is to work out more and control his calories to some degree. yours needs to be what really matters to you. i privilege health in this case, but i don’t think anyone owes it to society or even to themselves to do the same. i also jump out of perfectly good airplanes, which clearly does not privilege health. ;)

i look at david, and i think back to when i did loads and loads of cardio during the aerobics craze, which everyone assured me would melt the fat right off. it didn’t, and it didn’t even give me an endorphin high — surely i was doing it wrong, so i did it harder, but to no avail. i felt physically miserable and emotionally like a failure. for david, cardio apparently works great. what can you do? the sane thing is to move on from beating your head against the wall and expecting your body to work like anyone else’s.

as to your specific issues, christinam, yes, stress has a huge influence in my experience, and some of my health issues have improved as i have removed sources of stress from my life. you sound high-strung, which means that relaxing isn’t at all easy for you. i find it incredibly hard myself, and just lying down has never yet done anything good for me; my brain keeps whirling around like a dervish hamster. what does work is to pick an activity that distracts my brain sufficiently so it doesn’t dwell on the stress, but which is not taxing enough to use a lot of energy. familiar activities with repetitive motion work well — gardening, yardwork, crafting, sanding and painting, knitting, walking with a focus in mind (i take photographs), lifting weights… maybe something like this? movement also increases blood flow, which should get the temperature up.

i WILL buy a thermometer and refractometer, because i am geeky that way; i like to graph trends and compare how i feel with actual data. but i think it is more important to feel good than to accumulate data that says one should feel good. ;) “should” is a bit of a dirty word for me now.