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Hello Dan!

The article you attached reminded me of another article I found a while back about thiamin.

I’m not generally fond of the idea of ‘pharmacological doses’ of natural substances, just on principle. But the idea is interesting to me. I haven’t ever tried it.

The other thing to consider would be the different forms of B1 in supplements. Thiamin HCl is typical, but that must be phosphorylated to Thiamin ‘pyroposphate’ (TPP) aka ‘diphosphate’ (TDP). Benfotiamine is a synthetic somewhat lipid-soluble version of thiamin, but I don’t like the idea of synthetic/non-natural fat soluble things. Ascorbyl Palmitate, for instance, is known to give people spider veins and burst vessels after some years of use. My understanding is that TPP must be enzymatically dephosphorylated with digestion to even absorb it, before being reabsorbed and then re-phosphorylated in the liver. If this is true, Thiamin HCL would be better than TPP as far as an effective vitamin. In foods, there would be a mix of Thiamin, monophosphate, diphosphate, triphosphate, and whatever else.

I’d be interested in knowing how much thiamin you take and in what form.

My history is a strange one where both I and my roommate came down with weird health issues together, slowly over the course of a few years. Then, we found mycotoxins present in our blood through Real Time Labs, which made us suspect environmental mold toxicity. But moving out and trying to deplete molds with binding agents and sauna therapy didn’t help whatsoever as far as we can tell. Starting to eat more did, though we’re still in poor shape. We both not only lived together but followed similar diets. I suspect mold, years of low carbing, and educational/work stresses may have combined to screw us.

We suffer from fibromyalgia, ‘chronic fatigue’ plus a battery of various ‘autoimmune’ problems. Some of my official diagnoses include undifferentiated spondyloarthropathy, Crohn’s, mixed connective tissue disorder, and rosacea, in addition to more general things like hypothyroidism. I’m sure if I went to a psychiatrist, which I never will, I’d get a slew of additional diagnoses.

I couldn’t help just know looking up (for probably the thousandth time) thiamin on Pauling’s database (something new sets in every time).

There is mention of ‘Anti-thiamin factors’ that include various foods but also molds.

I’d be interested in knowing if you’ve ever played around with your dosing of various things and what the results were.

Peace, CP