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David, I’m with you on the workouts and that it’s great to look good for one’s partner!

Heather, Matt does suggest checking if temperatures drop the day after a workout. If they do drop, it is important to step away from working out except for short walks and infrequent weight workouts.
Whenever you do a diet that is as extreme as HCG, you will probably at least gain the weight back that you lost. And like Matt says, these types of diets make you lose fat but at the same time also decreases muscle mass and changes hormones in a unfavorable manner. When the fat comes back on, it’s pure fat and looks worse. It’s inhumane that so many people are getting trapped in this cycle. I would suggest you get yourself balanced and eating properly for quite a few months. Do some weight training to gain a bit of muscle back.It takes a while for the body to change from starvation mode to normal again. I’ve got to tell you that my digestion has improved since eat for heat if that cheers you up (: