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Heather L

Thanks for your input! I will say that I can’t even get my temps up yet (for example, today was 97.1). I don’t just want to eat and eat and accumulate the pounds. Then there’s the question about WHAT to eat because I am NOT willing to putting GMO and high fructose junk into me/my family. Not to even mention that I am not even hungry outside of the 3 squares that we eat. Lastly, I remain constipated and have to rely on enemas. (I KNOW the HCG completely messed with my hormones– all of them. I would never ever have done it had I known what was in store: weight, cellulite, skin tags, and melanoma in-situ skin cancer ALL surfaced within a couple of months of ending HCG). Yet we continue to eat nourishing food and that was 3 years ago. I just can’t seem to budge my temps/ relieve constipation, or comfortably gorge myself.