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Poor girl. I remember needing enemas years ago when I came off a juice fast. That wasn’t fun. I couldn’t digest most food and seemed very sensitized. Go easy on the cheese and have more grains like oatmeal, starches and continue other milk products and coconut milk. Cheese is hard for somebody with a compromised gut and can plug it up fast. Have some good honey and make sure you are having salt. And try to eat more and stop doing enemas. If I were you, I would use Vitamin C to go to the bathroom if you really need it. 1000mg with a meal. Otherwise I mostly don’t believe in supplementation. I promise you will feel better over time. But eating less is not the way out of the discomfort. It’s like a trap that threatens to close in on you. I got most of my problems that way ): But am almost all the way better nowadays.

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