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Matt Stone

Sharing a couple of weight-related emails that I’ve gotten so far today…

Hi Matt,

I figure it’s time for an honest update.

I’ve written to you in the past about how re-feeding has helped with my restrictive mindset and managing dermatitis herpitiformis, and last I wrote to you, I was doing great, but undergoing a lot of life changes, so of course my re-feeding experience changed with it.

I moved across the country and changed careers, and after all the stress of that subsided, I finally stepped on the scale and saw that I had gained fourteen pounds on my petite 5’3″ frame, bringing me to a grand total of 140 lbs. Yes, I know that’s fine for some people, but I have always hovered around 123-127 prior to refeeding. I felt fat even though all of my weight gain was really on my butt and boobs, and I’d experienced all sorts of benefits.

So I did what you hate. I dieted. Sort of.

I tracked my calories and tried to eat 1400-1800 calories of heating foods each day with modest exercise. I am a school teacher, so I am on my feet each day so my calorie needs are probably pretty high. If I felt worn-down, or if I noticed any ill effects from under-eating, I would have a high calorie day (2300-2500+). If I felt hungry, I ate more, and my meals still consisted of a modest pile of starch, some saturated fat, and adequate but not excessive protein. Of course I eat plenty of tasty salt on all of my meals.

The results? My temperature is still high, my skin is still perfect (no more dermatitis herpatiformis), and I dropped down to 125 pounds without starving myself. I know that your message is to be patient and the weight may come off, but I’m an 24 year old woman and I want to wear size 2 jeans while I’m young and to feel confident wearing stylish clothing. It’s 100% vanity, but thanks to your help, I’ve maintained consistent body temperature, and I feel better than I ever did when I would eat nothing but raw vegetables and cooked fish to maintain this same figure (true story – never again).

One difference between now and when I restricted myself down to this size (as I used to do every variety of Paleo to be at the same size) is that my body shape is different. I used to store my fat in my stomach and hips, and now it is all in my butt and thighs. TO be honest, my boobs are smaller, but that could also be aging as my mother had the same thing happen with age. My blood pressure is normal (it used to be low), and I still put on muscle pretty well.

Most importantly, I am confident in my own skin and I am healthier than I’ve ever been. I’ve adjusted to this new calorie level and I don’t track anymore – I just eat intuitively. I’ve maintained this loss for six months now, and I occasionally have days where I eat the whole kitchen and it doesn’t give me a stomach ache or any other problems – I just continue on with my life.

This was long. I’ve avoided updating you as dieting is not really a part of your message, but you posted something in the last week about long-termers and fat loss/gain, and I figured I’d be another voice.

Best wishes,