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Great advice, Christinam!

On you previous question (morning temps) – I started two temperature charts – I’m an engineer…so – must have data!! :)
Based on this:

1) morning temperature – I try and take this as soon as possible after getting up, but sometimes it’s after I’ve walked around and poured my first cup of coffee… but the first temp was 98.0, and it held there for 5 days and then jumped up to 99… I think due to a cold… now, it’s dropped down to 98.6, but again, not necessarily “first thing” out of bed.

2) daily average temperature – three readings spaced ~3 hours apart (11am / 2pm / 5pm) – these started at 97.6 and rapidly trended up – to 99.3 (the “fighting a cold” period, which lasted a few days) and now are hanging around 98.8.

I do sleep with LOTS of covers – and 150lb mastiff up against me, which keep me toasty all night long. :)
and, I sleep well, 7-8 solid hours a night.

I’m doing better getting breakfast within an hour of waking.

I tried intermittent fasting – basically skipping breakfast – and it took me a while to enjoy breakfast again, but my body does MUCH better on this plan.

I don’t really eat much in the evenings, but we’ve been eating dinner late – like at 8pm – just due to work schedules recently. I’m trying to get that back to 6:30-7pm. Then we might have time for a desert! :)