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I agree completely about the benefits of weight training, HIIT, and leisurely strolls. No doubt, a person can get into great shape with just those activities in his or her training regimen. I think it’s great that you’re finding success with your current plan, and I wish you luck in your tennis tournament.

As you probably expected, there is a “but.” I disagree with your claim that extended cardio lowers metabolism. We all have different personal preferences when it comes to exercise, but you’re making an objective claim as though it applies to everyone. If someone enjoys cardio, they shouldn’t feel scared to do it because they’re worried about their metabolism.

You’re right that marathon training increases physiological efficiency, but a big part of that efficiency is a stronger heart, deeper capillary beds, greater lung capacity, and the proliferation of mitochondrial enzymes. You benefit from these adaptations not only when you’re running (or biking or swimming or whatever), but also when you’re performing day-to-day tasks. A physiologically efficient body makes people more energetic. This isn’t a bad thing.

It’s also worth looking at people who do a lot of cardio. In my experience, endurance athletes don’t seem to suffer from low metabolisms. If someone can run a marathon, there’s a good chance they have plenty of energy for housework, yardwork, or whatever else they need to do. Not everyone has to do cardio if they hate it, but there’s tons of evidence that it’s beneficial. I’ve read dozens of testimonials of people who have turned their lives around by taking up running or some other endurance sport.

That being said, I’ve also seen severely underweight people destroying their bodies on the treadmill, and I’ve seen people who over-train and injure themselves. Just like with any exercise, cardio is only helpful if you get the rest and nutrition you need to recover. But it can still be a powerful tool for people trying to regain their health.