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Wow, thanks so much for the positive replies. “Prosperous” lol, Tina, good one. That is exactly it. I know I need to accept myself and am trying very hard. It’s just thinking about summer clothes that does me in. When I grew out of my teeny tiny clothes I couldn’t afford to buy much. We were under sequester last spring so I had to make do. That’s why I’ve been wearing hubby’s shirts. I intend to find something to wear that makes me feel good this summer. Can’t wait to check out those links Piranha. I am working to let go of the thinness I was never meant to be. When that happens I think I’ll be happier.

As for exercise I love walking. I try to walk everyday. Also trying to get back to weights. And guess what David? Before my hip went out a few weeks ago I felt like running! I have never wanted to run & here I was fantasizing about going out to run. Bear in mind that for me running is really a very slow jog that gets me to the corner before I have to walk again, lol. I also have a belly dance tape that I like to do for exercise. I thought learning to do the belly roll would help firm up that flab. Anyway, it is fun to do those sensuous moves, not that I am good at it. I do think this is a good forum & I hope piranha that you stick around.