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Amy- thank you for sharing what worked for you! I can relate to your experience of moving from extreme diets to normal eating. I feel best when I have a regular eating routine and eat what I’m hungry for. Stuffing myself feels just as bad as undereating, no matter if it results in higher temperatures. I truly believe that a lot of my cold feet and hands has to do with emotional stress and eating properly can only take me so far. I simply love the book by Claire Weekes!! Today I had a meeting with someone important and I was very invested. I was nervous and there were my cold feet. I tried the method of swimming through cold water to prevent the secondary fear. Gosh it’s not easy to stay focused on it. What a find, though. I am hopeful.

Britt, it’s true, we need to get away from the image being priority and find a place that feels good on the inside. And then accept whatever that will present on the outside. I also don’t weight myself. But I still measure my waist every few months. I tend to lie to myself even when my body starts to feel heavy and the measurement is the honest feedback to not overeat and I actually start to feel better and lighter. But for the last couple of years I haven’t restricted like I did before. It’s more of a mild adjustment.

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