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Food for thought:

Matt Stone’s High Calorie Refeed of 2012
Cheese Burgers
Ice Cream

Billy Craig’s 6,000 Calorie Weight Loss
Bran Flakes
Skimmed Milk
Toast with Jam & Cheese Spreads
Baked Beans
Cadbury Chocolate Desserts

My Refeed of Early/Mid 2013
Lots of carbs & Fat
No processed foods except for white cane sugar

In this small sample size those had a lot of carbs + fat during refeed (Me, Matt) gained weight and kept it on. Those who had high carbs with low fat (Billy) lost weight.

My Interpretation:
My gut feeling says that Matt Stone is on the right track with needing to feed to fix the metabolism. I think where he went wrong (and I went wrong) is mixing the fats and carbs together.

What if people modified their refeeds somewhat.

Possible Option #1
What if during a high calorie refeed period people had a high fat low carb breakfast. Then wait about 4 hours. Then eat as may carbs and their body can handle for the rest of the day/evening.

Possible Option #2
What if people did their refeeds with high carb / low fat. Then when the refeed is over go back to eating normally with mixed fat/protein/carbs.