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But is it the percentage of fat grams (weight) or fat calories (energy)? They are different.

I looked at my container of Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food. Per serving it has 290 calories: 126 calories or 43.45% from fat, 148 calories or 51.03% from carbs and 16 or 5.52% from protein. It has 55 grams of these macronutrients. 14 grams or 25.45% fat, 37 grams or 67.27% from carbs and 4 grams or 7.27% from protein. So by weight (not counting water weight) a serving of Phish Food has a fat percentage of about 25%, and from calories the percentage is 43% fat

So if we are supposed to shoot for whatever fat percentage, is that percent fat calories or percent fat grams? I think most sources mean percent of calories but don’t always state that.