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Human Torch

Have either of you made an appt to speak to Matt? He really helped me fine tune my metabolic work in ways that I would not have guessed from the books, since the books can’t anticipate every individuals quirks.

Linda, Matt wrote that weight training can actually help with raising metabolism by increasing mitochondria. As long as you don’t overdo it, maybe that will raise it. Personally, soreness lowers my temps so I stick to heavier weights, lower reps and longer rest periods. The light weight, short rest stuff leaves me really sore.

Another thing that’s helped in the past month to get my temps higher than ever is the Earthing they wrote about in “Solving the Paleo Equation”. It sounds whacky, trying to harness the earths magnetic fields and all that but it works for me. I just sit ass on a concrete bench in my apartment complex with my shoes off for half an hour. Without fail I come back home higher than when I left. I’ll come home at 99.3-99.6.

Also, how much sleep do you get? I’m fortunate enough to have a home office and no need to set an alarm. On 8 hours sleep my temp won’t go higher than 98.3, but if I sleep 10-12 hours I can hit 98.6-99.0. If I wake up in the middle of the night with an adrenaline surge I have a cup on the nightstand with a tablespoon of dextrose w 1/4 tsp salt mixed in 3oz water. Puts me right back out.

I’ve also found that medium intensity exercise lowers my temp. It’s best in my experience to avoid the middle and do low intensity (walking) or high intensity, (heavy weight training or HIIT cardio).

Gischanging, I feel ya when it comes to the motivation being much higher than what the body should be doing. It’s weird, but Matt said over time you can and should raise your exercise threshold.

I’ve experimented and read a lot on this but here’s a few other tips I’ve found. Avoid full body workouts as they tax the central nervous system more. Break it up. Use lifting straps for back exercises. Again, less CNS fatigue. DO NOT go to failure. Stop with a rep or two in the tank. More short workouts are better than less long workouts.