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Yep, I am consulting with Matt. I have talked with him twice. First time he suggested I up the carbs & sugar. Second time he suggested a thyoid supplement. Seems I can’t do it by food alone. I’m not on a thyroid supp right now since i don’t know what to take. I forgot to tell him I was on one last fall, recommended by my holistic dr. I couldn’t tell if it was helping. She had me on some other things as well & I don’t know if any of it helped.

As for exercise I have been wondering what the best thing would be. I don’t belong to a gym & don’t want to so it has to be something I can do at home. I have a tape called The Firm which I have done off & on for years. I have weights to go with it from 3 lbs-7 lbs. Unfortunately I never lost weight doing this tape & when I did the whole tape it wore me out. From what I’ve read on Matt’s blog it isn’t the most effective way to lose weight. I thought it was good for the weights though. Since you mentioned HIIT I looked it up. I am so out of shape I’m not sure I can do it. I would really have to find a way to motivate myself to get through it. As I mentioned on another thread on here I am having a very hard time getting into a rhythm for exercise. I also have a belly dance tape I like to do, but that probably won’t do it either.

Let’s see, what else? Oh the sleep. It is much better than it was, but still not sleeping through the night. I am taking magnesium now which is supposed to have lots of benefits, sleeping better is one of them so we’ll see. I also read that it can help raise body temp. I have read about earthing, very interesting. Last summer I went outside walked around barefoot on the grass & sat outside to read but it didn’t have any noticeable affect. There are so many things out there that help a lot of people but all the things I’ve tried don’t do anything for me. I think my best bet is eating mostly clean, satisfying food, finding the right form of exercise & possibly a supplement & trying not to stress about any of it. In my case, easier said than done, lol. Anyway Human Torch, thanks for input. And good luck Gischanging.