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The Real Amy

Lauren, there is some tiredness that accompanies healing. Your stress hormones were probably sky high under the anorexic conditions, as well as from IF/Bulletproof coffee -That was adrenaline and cortisol you were feeling, not real energy. It takes time to come down from it and heal. That said, it doesn’t sound like you’re necessarily getting better with what you’re doing now, but it’s hard to say, you are the best judge, it’s a long process. How set are you on being a vegan? My feeling is that some people really need meat or fish (or at the very least eggs) to be healthy, especially when healing. (I am one of them – I have gotten sick every single time I’ve cut down on meat; just need it at least once a day, I’ve found.)

Since you have the ED background, my personal advice is to find a good RD with experience working with ED patients who can help you work out a good eating plan. Especially if you are vegan, you may need advice on getting enough nutrients and calories. To go from anorexia to raw vegan and IF/coffee sounds like the eating disorder was still holding. And all of that is a LOT to deal with and for your body to heal from.

I suspect you still have some ED stuff to deal with, which is probably going to require professional guidance.