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Your take reminds me of something I read in Water Last’s book. I speaks of high calcium to phosphorous ratios being preferable in most cases. And in the section on hypoglycemia and sensitivity to sugar, he states that some of us don’t have a proper sugar metabolism and end up using alkaline materials like calcium to buffer the resulting acidity. He recommends a diet that stops this process. It is contrary to eat for heat since it rules out sugars incl. fruit, but one can freely eat gluten free grains, butter, coconut oil, veg, animal foods etc.. He mentions the symptoms of someone with this conditions, one of which is cold hands and feet, irregular menstruation, depression…, rather similar to a low metabolism. Well, he sais that this person produces acidity where a healthy individual does energy. I used to see myself in his description but it was just too hard for me to swear off of sweets entirely. I wonder if his approach paired with some of Matt’s ideas like drinking less, more salt and eating good amounts would produce superior results for some of us. Or, if this would just be another diet devoid of pleasure and too low carb to heal the metabolism. I’m interested in your take celtic. and anyone else’s of course (: