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@Linda Your story resonates with me. Being too thin but thinking you look good, I used to be like that. Just last year I was barely 90 pounds and thought that was my “hottest” body yet. Its ridiculous. (i’m only 5 foot by the way)

So glad Im over that part now. Also very happy to see people like you and myself learning to be realistic about our bodies and making big, scary steps towards happiness and health.

I’m now atleast 10-15 pounds heavier. I was afraid of the weight gain too, cause it meant my stomach would no longer be flat and my naturally big legs would not be as thin. BUT IM ACTUALLY OKAY WITH ALL THAT NOW. Please don’t feel uncomfortable with your size. I really really believe part of this healing process is complete acceptance and no stressing out!

I understand its so hard in this day and age to be happy without a super thin physique, all my girlfriends a skinnier than me, have super flat stomachs and are also all on diets :( talk about pressure.

Remember years of dieting and body abuse through food restriction can take a few years to heal. Don’t give up. I know I won’t.

Anyways good luck Linda, I just wanted to share some support and understanding. I hope I’ve been able to do that.

Also re-reading matt stones issue #2 newsletter, the second article titled – Weight Fixation: Waist of Time. Amazing inspiration about not fixating on your looks.