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Interesting, I prefer to keep it light during the day with carbs from fruits, I also feel better eating vegetarian during the day so I’ve been eating beans and lentils, causes a little bloating but its manageable. At night depending on how hungry I am I will have a meal with animal protein and fat, and additional carbs if needed. Works so far. I found also skipping breakfast has helped my energy and keeps my blood sugar more stable. I am working through a lot of body issues right now that have given me food intolerances and sensitivities to almost everything. I am always tweaking to see what works best. But I think intuition is the biggest indicator of all of what sort of diet one should consume. My father for example is a “carboholic” haha. He loves bread, crackers, anything loaded with carbs. And he stays trim, mind you he is very active. My mother has much richer tastes. She like butter, cheese, patee. Those things make me sick, I am way more inclined to crave a bowl of oatmeal, cereal, granola or fruit.