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@Christina- You raise a great point about the psychological side of this issue. If we give in to our fears, then they may just get worse. Fear of ordinary foods is so common in the internet health community, and it’s sad to see how that fear take over people’s lives.

@Linda- Sorry to hear about your back. I hope you can get your conditioning back and get rid of that pain. I also find a light walk can be helpful when I’m feeling sore.

@Tina- I’s really inspiring that this gentleman has been able to fight back against his pain, despite his advanced age. There’s an older retired couple who I often see walking around the park near my house, and they can really move! Seeing strong, physically fit people at that age reminds me not to make excuses for myself when I feel discouraged. I don’t want to end up like the people from Wall-E (I haven’t seen it, but it sounds like a pretty accurate forecast for the future of our society).

On this same topic, my wife broke her ankle playing soccer recently, and she just got her cast off today. I’ve been really impressed how she’s pushed herself to walk around and get her strength back. She won’t be playing soccer any time soon, but she didn’t allow the injury to turn her into a couch potato–though I probably would have. I think that healing requires the right combination of stress and rest.