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I never bought into the limiting masturbation thing, either. In fact, I don’t believe in consciously limiting anything. I think consciously regulating your physical needs causes one to lose touch with their internal regulation mechanisms and makes you neurotic, possibly doing more damage than the thing you were trying to control in the first place. Intuitive eating is a major concept of this site. “Intuitive masturbation” should follow from the same concept. It doesn’t make sense to say that one should not stress about eating and listen to their body’s innate wisdom while using a rigid mathematical equation to calculate your orgasm frequency. How much different is that really than using a mathematical equation to determine your caloric intake depending on your body weight?

Personally, I think it smacks of moralizing more than science. It’s the old proposition that if we don’t consciously limit engaging in activities that cause pleasure we’re sure to fall into the trap of addiction and hedonism with physical and mental consequences which is the very essence of what this site is rebelling against. Or if not, at least what I personally am rebelling against.

As a former devout Catholic I abstained for two years (in my early teens no less!) and never had anything to show for it except sticky bedsheets. Ever since I quit worrying about it and started rubbing one out whenever the mood takes me I actually find myself less interested in it. Granted I am hypometabolic but I never saw any improvement from abstinence. Certainly it pales in comparison to EFH and caloric surplus.

I suppose you could cobble together an argument that you lose nutrients when you ejaculate because they’re needed in semen to sustain sperm but I have my doubts that you could really induce a bonafide deficiency.

And, since they don’t produce sperm, the above wouldn’t apply to women at all. They’d be free to do the five finger disco all day if they wanted.