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I want to thank you guys as this was a very educational thread to follow. I too started eating dairy and gluten after a fairly solid, though not entirely strict (2.5 years) absence from them. I have noticed some benefits namely a bump in temps by a degree or two and my hands and feet are definitely more consistently warm. I also have been playing around with more salt and less liquid, so it is hard to say exactly which is causing the shift, likely the combo. I haven’t noticed big issues with the dairy and gluten in terms of how I feel but I do think that my body reacts in an allergic manner. I say this because I have noticed that those lovely water bags under my eyes are worse with increased dairy/gluten consumption. I actually feel better as a whole, better energy, no horrible digestive challenges, but look kind of hellish. So this tells me my body is not quite there with using these two foods as often as I am and that I should maybe slow it down or trying again later.

Or is it a water balance thing? That is what I am trying to decipher. I started doing the less liquid more salt quite a while before I reintroduced dairy/gluten and didn’t see increased bags under my eyes until dairy/gluten came into the equation. Any thoughts, ideas or opinions on this would be appreciated. Also, what do you think about anit-histamines and their impact on water balance. Is it correct that histamine plays a role in water balance in the body and if so, what would taking antihistamines do to that balance?